This week I got called in to investigate some complaints of a gloryhole setup in our office complex!  I went over and the  manager claimed he knew NOTHING of it. Of course, when i went in I found it right away. Actually it kinda intrigued me and it wasn't long before I was on my knees doing what an obediant woman does in a gloryhole, sucking cock and swallowing cum  :) You HAVE to see this..

Wow, we got hit with some high winds and I needed some trees trimmed. The guy showed up and gave me an estimate but I only had HALF the money! How do I keep getting myself into these situations?! Naturally he kept staring at my big tits and it wasn't long before I was on my knees paying him the other half  :)

Ack!! I accidentally ran out of gas out in the desert but luckily this nice guy stopped to help. I didn't have any cash on me so I offered to show him my big tits (he was happy!) I still needed help getting the gas back to my car so I offered to suck his cock and swallow his hot sperm. He agreed so we hopped in the back and I sucked and stroked him to an explosive orgasm, then licked up all his sticky sperm. I think I'll run out of gas again- this was hot!!

This update was the fourth load I'd coaxed that day (I was busy  :). My husband and I had went out to dinner and drinks that afternoon and came back horny! I still had dried semen in my hair and all over my breasts from earlier in the day. I think seeing that made my husband all the hornier. We went home and he fucked me like a maniac. When he was cumming I popped his spurting cock into my mouth and milked out every thick drop, then swallowed.

SO HORNY this week! I was a very bad girl with one of Hubby's friends and afterwards was so hot and bothered I needed to get drilled into the bed. Lots of good fucking and I top it off by draining a blasting cumshot right into my mouth and swallowed every fucking drop! Join now!

We went over to Laguna Beach over the 4th of July and had a blast! One of the days my husband was out at a meeting and I was SO HORNY! I called room service and ended up seducing the room service guy by wearing this crazy sexy t-shirt with no bra! He ended up fucking me hard on our bed and in the end I ate his cum for him (he was into that and so am I!) Come watch!

Football Folly

09/29/14 Wifey Gallery

Hi Guys! Nothing like getting to shoot your hot wad into your wife's mouth right before your football game, huh? Talk about a dream day!! Only comparison I could think of is getting my little pussy and ass licked right before I went to Jimmy Choos! ;)  Become a member and read the rest.

Sneak Peek- Football Folly

09/29/14 Wifey Blog

This week Hub was in getting ready to watch his beloved Vikings play on Sunday when I came wandering in getting ready to go shopping with my GF. I wasn't wearing a bra or panties- just a short skirt and a skimpy tank-top. I had a feeling it might generate a response but was curious if his brain would short circuit trying to decide between the game.. or a blowjob. Talk about the ultimate male conundrum (or maybe not- what do I know?  ;)  Become a member and read the rest.

A few Misc Pics while Hub While Hub works the Update..

09/28/14 Wifey Blog

Hub shot a few pics with his new iphone so I thought I'd post a efw while he works on our latest update!  Become a member and read the rest.

Damn good breakfast..

09/23/14 Wifey Blog

Wow, Hub and I love eating out and are hooked on this new breakfast place here in town called Eggstasy (kind of appropriate for us, no?). The owner (Peter, naturally.. ;) recognized me and wanted to know if he could take a picture with me. He's so sweet he always sends us these decadent dishes they make when I'm trying to be good! ..  ~Wifey

Optimum Pleasure

09/18/14 Wifey Gallery

Hi Guys! So much nicer shooting in our new office! There's actually light in there, lol..  Become a member and read the rest.

Sneak Peek- Optimum Pleasure

09/15/14 Wifey Blog

Hi Guys! We've been moving AGAIN behind the scenes- weren't happy with the previous condo we had, too dark. Moved into a new condo and it's MUCH better for shooting and is a great office for Hubby.  Become a member and read the rest.

Gloryhole Patrol

09/07/14 Wifey Gallery

Hi all! Here's the little gloryhole scene I mentioned before. Needless to say I LOVED the visual of a gorgeous hard cock pushing out that hole towards me. What can I say- I love dick, lol. Love being on my knees knowing there is a guy on the other side being serviced by me, knowing he's standing there with his orgasm completely under my control. Thats really hot. I love playing and teasing a hard cock, watching the pre cum spilling out if I'm doing a good job and feeling a man's body tense up and quiver when he's close to his climax. That's the kind of thing I think about to make myself cum.. :)

Sneak Peek- GloryHole Patrol

09/06/14 Wifey Blog

Hi Guys! This week I had to respond from complaints that there was a gloryhole operating in our building. Of course I was elected to patrol such offenses, and had to do my due diligence by checking it out. The guy that ran the office swore that there was nothing like that going on, but a quick check showed otherwise..  ;)  Become a member and read the rest.

A Couple of Pretty Things..

09/03/14 Wifey Blog

Hub added a couple of items to the Store and I liked the pics so decided to post them. We are just finishing up ANOTHER office move lol.. Our last place wasn't conducive to filming and the apartment we had was wayyy too dark so we found a better flat.. Much better!! New update will be up Friday- GloryHole Fun..  ;)  ~Wifey  Become a member and read the rest.


08/28/14 Wifey Gallery

Hi Guys! Boy these monsoon winds and rain can really fuck up your yard! We've lost some big trees and even a giant saguaro! I HAD to call a tree service to trim a few trees and Hub only allows me to spend so much money on the yard, so...  Become a member and read the rest.

Sneak Peek- TreeTug

08/27/14 Wifey Blog

Hi Guys! Beings we didn't get a lot of positive feedback on the GloryHole idea we decided to shoot something different and come back to that another time, lol. As luck would have it, I just happened to have called a tree service and needed a tree topped at the house. The guy came over and said he could do it, but unfortunately I only had HALF the money he quoted!! Well.. You can probably guess the rest..  :) Up tomorrow..  ~Wifey

Guest Appearance- Rio gets Triple Teamed!

08/20/14 Wifey Blog

Hi Guys! Our longtime friend Hotwife Rio looks like she's been being awfully naughty lately! In this series she takes on three hung black guys while her husband films her (the lil' slut!  ;) Looks like she knows what she's doing lol..  Become a member and read the rest.

Handjob Outtakes Take 1.. (now posted)

08/19/14 Wifey Blog

Hey Guys, decided to go through and pull some of the "lost" footage we have laying around that we've never posted. None of these were really long enough to put up as full updates but I still liked the footage and wanted to get them up for you to see. As usual, she shows her skill and dexterity in milking me three times. The thing that never ceases to amaze me is the absolute joy she takes in making me blow my wad. She really knows how to tease and tease until the pre-cum start flowing, then when you can't stand it any longer she gives you that release. Damn she's good and it ain't faked, believe me  ;)  Become a member and read the rest.

Handjob Outtakes Part 1

08/19/14 Wifey Gallery

Hub wanted to post a few scenes that we've shot over the years but didn't put up for one reason or another. This clip has three different cumshots-  the first was one we did in Laughlin, Nevada a few weeks back. The other two were shot in hotels here in town..  Become a member and read the rest.

Little Peekaboo..

08/18/14 Wifey Blog

Hanging out up in the gameroom between our Monsoons here in the desert enjoying a little drink. It's really humid here now, unusual for us! Hubby looked like he needed a little peek at the girls. He's working on the latest update, will be up shortly!  ~Wifey

Hitching Handjob

08/12/14 Wifey Gallery

Ahhh.. The old conundrum.. Should I put out just to get a little help from a guy? Well, OF COURSE I should!  :)  Become a member and read the rest.

Sneak Peek- Hitching Handjob

08/11/14 Wifey Blog

In our latest update I made the terrible mistake of running out of gas in the desert! And when you're in that vulnerable position you're pretty much at the mercy of the guy stopping to help ya..  Though it helps when the guy has big arms and a nice cock  ;) Up soon.. ~Wifey

A Day Out and About

08/08/14 Wifey Blog

Hub and I were out enjoying the day earlier in the week and snapped a few pics. First off we stopped off for a little lunch at our favorite greek restauraunt..  Become a member and read the rest.

OMG! This woman is NAUGHTY..

08/07/14 Wifey Blog

Wow, I have to admit to always being intrigued by the whole Gloryhole concept. Something about a bunch of completely anonymous cocks popping out through a hole in the wall and needing to be satisfied ticks the subversive box for me, lol. It's just so damned submissive yet controlling, making it really hot. I've always loved watching a man's cock during orgasm, seeing it swell up super hard as it nears it's peak then start to spasm as the sperm shoots from the swollen head.  Become a member and read the rest.

"Unwelcome Orgasms"?! Sign me up.. :)

08/06/14 Wifey Blog

Wow, I hope they figure out and isolate the property in this drug that produces the climax!! I could really go for popping a pill and blowing my load (metaphorically speaking) right before I hopped on a plane or had to sit in a dentist's chair!!  :) And out of curiosity, whoever had an unwanted orgasm?! ~Wifey  Become a member and read the rest.

Home Slam Round 2

08/03/14 Wifey Gallery

Hi Guys! This is the footage from "Round2" of the Homeslam day. Don't want to stir up a bunch of controversy again so lets just say it was the end of my "busy" day  ;)  Become a member and read the rest.

Laughlin Meat Beat

08/02/14 Wifey Blog

We went with some family and friends over to Laughlin, Nevada for some jet skiing earlier in the week. Of course we hit the casinos as well, Hub wanted to snap a few pics of me with his cell phone cuz he didn't bring his "real" camera along. I did end up giving him a killer teasing handjob on tape, we'll post that at some point..  ~Wifey

ParkFlash Vid..

08/01/14 Wifey Blog

Here's the little vid Hub took of me last week while after we left the mall. It was SOOO hot out, the "girls" definitely needed to come out for some air..  ;) Hub is working on the video, the continuation of last week's scene.  Become a member and read the rest.

Home Slam

07/27/14 Wifey Gallery

Hi Guys! Naughty update with more coming later from this episode. We were both in "horn mode" after I indulged in a little "extra curricular activity" before shooting this. In other words I was warmed up and ready for more love juice..  ;)  Become a member and read the rest.

Sneek Peek- Home Slam

07/27/14 Wifey Blog

OK, so here's the deal with this week's update.. I started the day off by being a bad, bad girl.. ;) Hubby filmed me being completely in appropriate with his "friend" and I ended up a bigger mess than I expected. I was expecting the finale to be in my mouth so that I could get pictures taken before Hub and I did our thing, but I ended up with a messy face and some ropes of "conditioner" in my hair. Afterwards Hubby and I shot our scene together and we were both so horned up from the experience it was crazy..  Become a member and read the rest.