I opened a new Nudist Colony recently but have been having problems with some of the males accidentally getting erections! That's against the rules, so I was chosen to go and "help" relieve the poor guys! I don't think I could think of a better job actually  :) Watch me take this guys erection and work it until it finally cries uncle right into my warm little mouth!

This week my sugardaddy took me shopping at the mall while my husband was away on business. I flashed my tits to him on the escalator then went back to his condo and had him nurse on my huge tits. After that I dropped to me knees and sucked a load out of his generous balls. I even got up bright and early the next AM and ran over to his condo and snuck in while he was sleeping. I made him breakfast, then dropped to my knees and swallowed ANOTHER one of his thick loads! Two cumshots this week!!

WHOA! This week I made the mistake of showing my "roomate" what I was gonna wear to the Halloween party we're going to Friday. He got so worked up he ended up blindfolding me, pushed me onto the couch and buried his face in my pussy! He didn't even pull his pants off, just fucked me with them around his ankles, lol. I ended up grabbing his spurting cock and ramming it into my mouth, swallowing all his cum!

Oh WOW! I went and bought this awesome milking table and immediately got my first client! He had no idea what the hole in the table was for until I pulled my tits out for him, but he sure is a quick learner! He laid up there for a massage but I quickly had him flip over and drop his cock and balls through for me to take care of. I worked him slolwy and carefully until he couldn't hold out any longer and flooded my mouth with his thick hot sperm! If you like milking scenes, you're gonna LOVE this! JOIN NOW!!

This week I gave my husband the ultimate test- A long slow blowjob or he watches his game. Had to have one or the other. I guess my huge tits tipped the scale cuz he soon had his pants down and his cock in my mouth. I teased and coaxed his schlong until his legs were shaking, then burried his cock down my throat when he started cumming! He almost fell over lol, but I swallowed every drop! Join now to see the fun!!

This week I got called in to investigate some complaints of a gloryhole setup in our office complex!  I went over and the  manager claimed he knew NOTHING of it. Of course, when i went in I found it right away. Actually it kinda intrigued me and it wasn't long before I was on my knees doing what an obediant woman does in a gloryhole, sucking cock and swallowing cum  :) You HAVE to see this..

Breakfast in the Desert..

11/24/14 Wifey Blog

Hub took me out for breakfast this morning, the weather was beautiful! A little chilly, but can't complain (it was low 60's)..  Become a member and read the rest.

Wifey's Nudist Colony

11/21/14 Wifey Gallery

Hi Guys! This week's update was a lot of fun- I haven't had my nudist colony going for very long and this was the first time one of my male patrons had to come to me with his "obvious erection" issue. Actually I was surprised it hadn't happened before, but luckily I had a contigency plan just in case.. my mouth and pussy  :)  Become a member and read the rest.

Sneak Peek- Wifey's Nudist Colony

11/18/14 Wifey Blog

Hi Guys! This week I had to help out a "newcummer" to our nudist colony we run. He didn't understand the rules about "displaying an erection" in a public area so I had to take him aside to explain the rules. He was a really nice guy and felt bad about it, but it just wouldn't go down. I finally threw up my hands and took him over to a secluded area and helped him to relieve his nice boner  :) Up tomorrow!  ~Wifey

Sugar Daddy (Scenes 1 and 2)

11/09/14 Wifey Gallery

Hi Guys! Wow, I have found myself this really cool Sugardaddy that LOVES to take me shopping while my Hubby is out of town (I'm guessing he probably loves the blowjobs I give him as well, lol!)  Become a member and read the rest.

Sneak Peek- Sugar Daddy Take 2!

11/08/14 Wifey Blog

Hey Guys, Hub here.. We went in and re-shot the Sugar Daddy scene this morning. The scene we shot earlier ended up having one of the cameras bomb out during the "finale" (at least that's what I'm telling Wifey, I think the truth is that I forgot to hit the record button during that last critical take!) I had just received a new 4K camera and must have screwed something up..  Become a member and read the rest.

Sneak Peek- Sugar Daddy

11/07/14 Wifey Blog

Hi Guys! This week my sugar daddy took me shopping and of course I had to show my gratitude when we got back to his condo  ;)  Become a member and read the rest.

A Couple of "Show me your tits, Baby!" Pictures..

11/03/14 Wifey Blog

I can't tell you the amount of times I've heard Hubby ask me to "show me your tits, baby!". Started in high school lol, and has never wavered. As I am a pleaser it's rare that I won't show him what he wants, but am usually not too keen on him snapping pics unless I've had time to take a shower and put some makeup on! These two were shot the other morning with Hub still laying in bed. I had gotten up to take Axel (our Doberman) out to eat and when I came back in Hub uttered those familiar words  ;) Not too glamorous, I'm just woken with no makeup but Hub said he jerked off looking at them!..  Become a member and read the rest.

Wonder Woman- A Pictorial Study

10/30/14 Wifey Blog

Hi Guys- I bought this little Wonder Woman costume awhile back. I figured it wasn't so revealing that I couldn't wear it out without being a little self concious, lol. Hub liked it and thought we should do a series of pics.. Here are a few, I'll post more tomorrow. Also included a few images with my "girl wonder" Gigi..  ;)  Become a member and read the rest.

Lunchtime in Old Town..

10/29/14 Wifey Blog

Wow, now I remember why we live down here in the desert! Gorgeous weather now, hub and I decided to run down to OldTown to grab some lunch. He seemed a little entranced by my braless outfit and wanted to snap a few pics..  ~Wifey

Just a couple iphone shots..

10/28/14 Wifey Blog

Hub grabbed my new iPhone 6 to see how the camera worked and here are a few of the results! Not bad for a phone! ~Wifey


10/27/14 Wifey Gallery

Hi Guys! This update was a little different, one of the few times that we've ever filmed after not fucking for over a week. He actually started licking my ass and pussy while we were shooting the stills and it was murder not just fucking then! Talk about two horndogs lol.  Become a member and read the rest.

Sneak Peek- Pre-Halloweenie

10/26/14 Wifey Blog

Hi Guys! This week I popped in and started to show Hub one of the outfits I was considering wearing to the holloween parties coming up. He's been out of town for the last week and a half and both of us were so fucking horny for each other we couldn't even make it through the still shots before he burried his face in my pussy lol. The scene is really hot- just raw footage of two horny people fucking..  Become a member and read the rest.

Wifeys Milking Table

10/11/14 Wifey Gallery

Wow, my very own milking table!  I think they called it a BALLE MJÖLK at Ikea.. ;) Was surprised to find one there.. I have to admit it is really exciting for me to work on a cock that is poking through a table like that. Seems super dirty to me (like the gloryhole concept). I can fantasize it's some stranger's cock which makes it really naughty for me. Who knows, maybe someday Hub will surprise me, lol..  Become a member and read the rest.

Sneek Peek- Wifey's Milking Table

10/10/14 Wifey Blog

Hi Guys! Well I promised I'd break out the Milking Table episode, and here it is! I'm certain my Hubby appreciates the service I'm able to give while he is up there relaxing.. It's actually quite a turn-on having full control of his cock and balls (and obviously) his orgasm.  Become a member and read the rest.

Football Folly

09/29/14 Wifey Gallery

Hi Guys! Nothing like getting to shoot your hot wad into your wife's mouth right before your football game, huh? Talk about a dream day!! Only comparison I could think of is getting my little pussy and ass licked right before I went to Jimmy Choos! ;)  Become a member and read the rest.

Sneak Peek- Football Folly

09/29/14 Wifey Blog

This week Hub was in getting ready to watch his beloved Vikings play on Sunday when I came wandering in getting ready to go shopping with my GF. I wasn't wearing a bra or panties- just a short skirt and a skimpy tank-top. I had a feeling it might generate a response but was curious if his brain would short circuit trying to decide between the game.. or a blowjob. Talk about the ultimate male conundrum (or maybe not- what do I know?  ;)  Become a member and read the rest.

A few Misc Pics while Hub While Hub works the Update..

09/28/14 Wifey Blog

Hub shot a few pics with his new iphone so I thought I'd post a efw while he works on our latest update!  Become a member and read the rest.

Damn good breakfast..

09/23/14 Wifey Blog

Wow, Hub and I love eating out and are hooked on this new breakfast place here in town called Eggstasy (kind of appropriate for us, no?). The owner (Peter, naturally.. ;) recognized me and wanted to know if he could take a picture with me. He's so sweet he always sends us these decadent dishes they make when I'm trying to be good! ..  ~Wifey

Optimum Pleasure

09/18/14 Wifey Gallery

Hi Guys! So much nicer shooting in our new office! There's actually light in there, lol..  Become a member and read the rest.

Sneak Peek- Optimum Pleasure

09/15/14 Wifey Blog

Hi Guys! We've been moving AGAIN behind the scenes- weren't happy with the previous condo we had, too dark. Moved into a new condo and it's MUCH better for shooting and is a great office for Hubby.  Become a member and read the rest.

Gloryhole Patrol

09/07/14 Wifey Gallery

Hi all! Here's the little gloryhole scene I mentioned before. Needless to say I LOVED the visual of a gorgeous hard cock pushing out that hole towards me. What can I say- I love dick, lol. Love being on my knees knowing there is a guy on the other side being serviced by me, knowing he's standing there with his orgasm completely under my control. Thats really hot. I love playing and teasing a hard cock, watching the pre cum spilling out if I'm doing a good job and feeling a man's body tense up and quiver when he's close to his climax. That's the kind of thing I think about to make myself cum.. :)

Sneak Peek- GloryHole Patrol

09/06/14 Wifey Blog

Hi Guys! This week I had to respond from complaints that there was a gloryhole operating in our building. Of course I was elected to patrol such offenses, and had to do my due diligence by checking it out. The guy that ran the office swore that there was nothing like that going on, but a quick check showed otherwise..  ;)  Become a member and read the rest.

A Couple of Pretty Things..

09/03/14 Wifey Blog

Hub added a couple of items to the Store and I liked the pics so decided to post them. We are just finishing up ANOTHER office move lol.. Our last place wasn't conducive to filming and the apartment we had was wayyy too dark so we found a better flat.. Much better!! New update will be up Friday- GloryHole Fun..  ;)  ~Wifey  Become a member and read the rest.


08/28/14 Wifey Gallery

Hi Guys! Boy these monsoon winds and rain can really fuck up your yard! We've lost some big trees and even a giant saguaro! I HAD to call a tree service to trim a few trees and Hub only allows me to spend so much money on the yard, so...  Become a member and read the rest.

Sneak Peek- TreeTug

08/27/14 Wifey Blog

Hi Guys! Beings we didn't get a lot of positive feedback on the GloryHole idea we decided to shoot something different and come back to that another time, lol. As luck would have it, I just happened to have called a tree service and needed a tree topped at the house. The guy came over and said he could do it, but unfortunately I only had HALF the money he quoted!! Well.. You can probably guess the rest..  :) Up tomorrow..  ~Wifey