Oh wow, this REALLY was Black Friday! My husband brought home two of his friends from the gym, one with a huge black cock that was too shy to come out from the gloryhole (I still fucked him good) and the other one with a nice thick cock and a HUGE LOAD! This year I really did have a lot to be Thankful for.. ;)  Join now!

I opened a new Nudist Colony recently but have been having problems with some of the males accidentally getting erections! That's against the rules, so I was chosen to go and "help" relieve the poor guys! I don't think I could think of a better job actually  :) Watch me take this guys erection and work it until it finally cries uncle right into my warm little mouth!

This week my sugardaddy took me shopping at the mall while my husband was away on business. I flashed my tits to him on the escalator then went back to his condo and had him nurse on my huge tits. After that I dropped to me knees and sucked a load out of his generous balls. I even got up bright and early the next AM and ran over to his condo and snuck in while he was sleeping. I made him breakfast, then dropped to my knees and swallowed ANOTHER one of his thick loads! Two cumshots this week!!

WHOA! This week I made the mistake of showing my "roomate" what I was gonna wear to the Halloween party we're going to Friday. He got so worked up he ended up blindfolding me, pushed me onto the couch and buried his face in my pussy! He didn't even pull his pants off, just fucked me with them around his ankles, lol. I ended up grabbing his spurting cock and ramming it into my mouth, swallowing all his cum!

Oh WOW! I went and bought this awesome milking table and immediately got my first client! He had no idea what the hole in the table was for until I pulled my tits out for him, but he sure is a quick learner! He laid up there for a massage but I quickly had him flip over and drop his cock and balls through for me to take care of. I worked him slolwy and carefully until he couldn't hold out any longer and flooded my mouth with his thick hot sperm! If you like milking scenes, you're gonna LOVE this! JOIN NOW!!

This week I gave my husband the ultimate test- A long slow blowjob or he watches his game. Had to have one or the other. I guess my huge tits tipped the scale cuz he soon had his pants down and his cock in my mouth. I teased and coaxed his schlong until his legs were shaking, then burried his cock down my throat when he started cumming! He almost fell over lol, but I swallowed every drop! Join now to see the fun!!

Sneak Peek- Swedish Massage

03/30/15 Wifey Blog

Hey Guys! In our latest update I get to recreate a little scene we had while Hub and I were on our last little getaway. We did the "couple's massage" one day at the resort and watching him getting massaged by another woman did get me a little wet, I'm not going to lie!  Become a member and read the rest.

Desert Dowsing

03/21/15 Wifey Gallery

Hey Guys- here's the vid of me sucking off my Hubby on the balcony of our room in Tucson! It was a little tough for him to maintain his composure, we could hear some couples walking below chattering away lol. If they only knew what was going on just a few feet above them  :)  I coaxed out a great facial- hope you guys enjoy!!

Sneak Peek- Desert Dowsing

03/20/15 Wifey Blog

More fun from our little jaunt to Tucson! I wanted to surprise him with a loving blowjob out on our patio (plus I know he gets off on blowing his load onto my face and big tits, the sicko!)  Become a member and read the rest.

Thanks Rooter!

03/16/15 Wifey Blog

Occasionally I receive lingerie from members or fans in the mail, which is always a nice surprise. This last week I received a package with a really nice set from one of our favorite subscribers- Rooter! Had to show them off, its a really sexy, feminine set. Thanks so  much Rooter- you have great taste! I'll wear them in an upcoming update!!  ~Wifey

Kate's Tucson Tit Tempest

03/14/15 Wifey Gallery

Hi Guys! Nice to be back in town- the weather here is perfect and I feel rejuvinated after our Tucson getaway. Of course, there was this little issue of Kate showing up unannounced! I'm sure Hubby was thrilled, that horny devil! I swear that man sees a pair of big knockers and completely loses his mind. The things he did to that woman were just.... naughty. I can't believe he actually used MY anal toy on her. Couldn't she bring her own damned buttplug?! Sheesh, what next? She uses my toothbrush?!  Become a member and read the rest.

Sneak Peek- Kate's Tucson Tit Tempest

03/12/15 Wifey Blog

You know it's really nice being back from our little vacation, but I had this funny little feeling in the back of my mind that Hubby might have been up to something when I was down at the pool. It was also strange that a couple of guys said they had spotted a woman in the bar the evening before that looked a lot like me (you know, big tits, slutty personality). The only difference was that her hair was shorter and all she could talk about was cock. Hmmm...  Become a member and read the rest.

Some Fun Things... :)

03/11/15 Wifey Blog

When Hub and I were in Tucson I took some time to try on a few items to put in the Store- thought you guys might enjoy seeing a few pics! If interested click here..  Become a member and read the rest.

Heading Home..

03/11/15 Wifey Blog

Hi guys! Time to head back home, hiked around a little this morning before we headed out. It was a little chilly, had to get my blood pumpin'..  Become a member and read the rest.

Tucson Tussle- Day 2

03/10/15 Wifey Blog

Second day down here in Tucson was great- a little cardo in the AM, then over to the pool again for a dash of sunshine..  Become a member and read the rest.

Hello From Tucson!

03/09/15 Wifey Blog

Hi Guys! Hubby and I decided to skate down to Tucson for a few days to get away from things and relax (and yes- to blow some proverbial loads :) Decided to get a little sun down by the pool today..  Become a member and read the rest.

LimeGreen Faceblast

03/06/15 Wifey Gallery

Hi Everyone! It's been quite awhile since I've asked Hubby to jerk himself off all over my face. Normally I like to be the one controlling his climax, but I get a huge thrill out of being "cummed on". No polite way to put that, and if there was it would ruin the effect, lol. Sometimes I just want to be dominated and used sexually, and if I'm being completely honest, I like to be humiliated.  Become a member and read the rest.

Sneak Peek- Limegreen Faceblast (Now Posted!)

03/04/15 Wifey Blog

Hey Guys- in our next update I surprise Hub when he comes home from lunch wearing nothing but a bodystocking and a smile! He seems to like it, fucking me on the pooltable, making me cum, then blasting me with one of the biggest facials I've had in ages!! For you guys that get off on facials, you're gonna love this update  :)  ~Wifey

Panty Pics!

03/01/15 Wifey Blog

Hi Guys! Its a slow Sunday down here in the desert- no better time than to stroll around Hubs office showing him my undies  ;)  Become a member and read the rest.

50 Shades of Wifey Vol 1

02/26/15 Wifey Gallery

Hi Guys! This week I think I finally got what I really deserved for being such a naughty little lady lately.. ;)  Become a member and read the rest.

Sneak Peek- 50 Shades of Wifey

02/23/15 Wifey Blog

Hey Guys- in our upcoming update I have to give in to my inner submissive self  ;) Hub decides it's time to take control, so he makes me do his naughty bidding.. Actually it really is a turn-on to jbe told what to do and to be punished for not obeying quite correctly (very messy ending)... Up soon! ~Wifey  Become a member and read the rest.

New Site Update..

02/22/15 Wifey Blog

Hey All-

We are getting close to the beta testing stage for the new websites, both the Wifeysworld site and the new Store. Both are coming along nicely.  Become a member and read the rest.


02/15/15 Wifey Gallery

Happy Valentine's Day guys! This year I thought Hub deserved a little extra attention focused on his "achin' johnson". He's been tied up at the office for weeks with the guys getting the new site rolling, I haven't hardly even seen him lately it seems!  Become a member and read the rest.

A Valentine For Coltauto (aka SneakPeek- ValenBlaster)

02/13/15 Wifey Blog

Funny that Coltauto would be thinking a corset today- actually I got his email right as we were finishing up our update. It's been awhile since we've done a corset so the time was right! By the way, Hub and I went and saw the 50 Shades movie tonight- Meh.. (will make for an interesting parody scene though!)  Become a member and read the rest.

Kates Kleanup

02/08/15 Wifey Gallery

Hi Guys! Whoa- that Kate is a slut! Licking up my husband's hot sperm from a table, then massaging the rest onto her huge tits for him to admire? Who does she think she is- me??!!  Become a member and read the rest.

Kate Behind the Scenes..

02/08/15 Wifey Blog

And you guys all thought I did nothing but have sex, suck cock and eat bon-bons all day. This should prove to you once and for all that  I'm good for more than just cumming on! (though lets face it- that what I like best!  ;)  ~Wifey

Kate's Kleanup

02/07/15 Wifey Blog

Hi Guys! This week Kate happened to stop over at Hubby's office to drop off a file for him cuz I was busy at home. From looking at these pics it looks like she made herself comfortable in my closet!! Kate called me later and admitted that Hubby fucked her in the bedroom and shot a "ridiculous load" (her words) all over the glass table which she licked partially off and massaged the rest all over her massive boobs.. Up tomorrow!  ~Wifey

From My Hamper :)

01/30/15 Wifey Blog

I've been getting email from guys wanting me to add new things to the Store, sooo....  Become a member and read the rest.

Mimis Cocktail

01/29/15 Wifey Gallery

Wow, that Mimi is really a slut isn't she? Just waltzes right in to my house in that tight little dress with those huge tits hanging out in front of my husband. Who does she think she is? I can't believe she'd have the gall to milk my man's cock into one of MY FAVORITE VALENTINE GLASSES!!  Didn't this woman's mother teach her any manners? Does this bitch even chew with her mouth closed?! Sheesh.. Hubby looked like he enjoyed it though.. ;)  Become a member and read the rest.

Sneak Peek- Mimi's COCKtail

01/28/15 Wifey Blog

Hi Guys! I guess Hubby didn't realize that I had called Mimi to come over and straighten up the place so he just happened to be there when she stopped by. Hub told me something about her wearing her "old uniform" whatever that means? He said she was only there for a little while and left. Seemed kinda weird because there was a wine glass in the sink that looked like someone had been drinking something white and sticky out of it. Maybe it was just the dish soap, who knows?..  ;)  Become a member and read the rest.

Desert Knobjob

01/20/15 Wifey Gallery

Hi Guys! Nothing says "hot sperm in my mouth" more than a sunny day in January! (did I just type that?)  Become a member and read the rest.