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How long are you and Hubby going to be doing this?
Until they drag us kicking and screaming away! (just kidding). As long as we continue to be turned on and having fun with it. At this point, I don't see us leaving for a long time...

How often do you blow your husband?
A lot! Actually, we have straight sex much more often, but it's just a bit harder to film. I'd say that I probably make him come with my mouth an average of three times per week. At first (to be honest) I didn't understand the turnon of the facial thing. I'm now very turned on by it and fantasize about having my husband and a few other well endowed men going off on my face.

When are you going to have sex with another woman?
Well it isn't that I don't have fantasies about it, believe me! I am very turned on by other women, and I guess I'm somewhat of a "size queen" because I like women with large breasts. I'm also extremely turned on by the idea of watching my husband fuck another woman and then ejaculate all over her face and tits. I guess I'm somewhat of a masochist? Who knows.. Anyway, for us, we're happy being monogamous and fantasizing about other people.

What are your measurements?
Great, tough one right off the bat! I'm 5'5", weigh 126lbs. My boobs are a 36DD, my waist is 26 inches and I'm about 36 inches in the hips. Hubby loves my ass, but I need to get back on that treadmill!

Are your breasts real?
Of course :-) Hubby wouldn't have it any other way. It's funny, when I was younger, I didn't like my breasts. I always thought they were too big. I also have very large areolas and nipples, and I didn't like that either! The first time Hubby saw mine I was very surprised he was so turned on by the size of them. I always thought men were more turned on by the "dainty" breasts and nipples. Now I wouldn't change them a bit.

What are your hobbies?
Boy, these are really the stock questions aren't they? Let's see: I love roller blading to stay in shape. I've always been a movie buff, we enjoy going to local film-fests. I like to read, snow ski. That's all that comes to mind.

Who are your favorite actors?
Hubby and I both love off-beat and weird movies, so it really varies. But I love Christopher Walken. Steve Buscemi is really good, I think. There are so many I like it's hard to just name a couple. As far as actresses, I really don't have a favorite, but I do like Susan Sarandon.

How long have you and Hubby been doing this?
Doing what? Camcording our sex? Hmmm. We first camcorded ourselves back after highschool I think. It was one of those big clunky kinds. I was always kind of fascinated watching people having sex. I can remember Hubby and I sneaking into adult movie theatres when we were in highschool and then driving like maniacs back to his house and screwing like a couple of wild bunnies! Seeing Hubby and I having sex on camera always had the same effect on us. :-)

A lot of your pictures and videos are oriented towards oral sex - is this your idea or Hubby's?
Both actually. I know a lot of people aren't going to believe this but giving oral sex (and receiving of course!) has always been a real turn-on to me. It seems really "nasty" and it REALLY looks naughty and sexy to me on film. I guess I really am an exhibitionist, because the thought of knowing all these people are watching Hubby coming on my face or whatever is a major turn-on. I know Hubby feels the same way. Not all of our pictures or videos are oral sex, though, we do love screwing you know! And anal when we're in a really nasty mood.

Do you feel that "facial cumshots" are demeaning to women?
No I don't. Submissive maybe, but that's a lot of the turn-on for me. Plus the fact that Hubby is turned on by the idea, of course. The thought of it being so "nasty" is very stimulating to me. I think that if a woman finds it revolting and she's forced into it then yes, it would be demeaning. It's like anything else, if you don't want to do something, you shouldn't be forced into it. I personally find it very erotic.

How did you get into the "internet sex" thing?
Hubby posted one of our polaroids on one of the Usenet groups, with my eyes hidden, and the response was pretty enthusiastic. As time went along, we kept posting more explicit type pictures and we were shocked by the response. We would post our pictures in the morning, then race home in the afternoon and evening to see how many emails we'd get! We've always loved reading all the comments. We still read all of the email nightly and try to answer all that we can.

And the videos?...
Same thing.. We had a lot of people emailing us and asking us to purchase the videos that our pictures came from and after awhile, we decided what the heck?

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