50 Shades of Wifey Vol 1

02/26/15 Wifey Gallery

Hi Guys! This week I think I finally got what I really deserved for being such a naughty little lady lately.. ;)  Become a member and read the rest.

Sneak Peek- 50 Shades of Wifey

02/23/15 Wifey Blog

Hey Guys- in our upcoming update I have to give in to my inner submissive self  ;) Hub decides it's time to take control, so he makes me do his naughty bidding.. Actually it really is a turn-on to jbe told what to do and to be punished for not obeying quite correctly (very messy ending)... Up soon! ~Wifey  Become a member and read the rest.

New Site Update..

02/22/15 Wifey Blog

Hey All-

We are getting close to the beta testing stage for the new websites, both the Wifeysworld site and the new Store. Both are coming along nicely.  Become a member and read the rest.


02/15/15 Wifey Gallery

Happy Valentine's Day guys! This year I thought Hub deserved a little extra attention focused on his "achin' johnson". He's been tied up at the office for weeks with the guys getting the new site rolling, I haven't hardly even seen him lately it seems!  Become a member and read the rest.

A Valentine For Coltauto (aka SneakPeek- ValenBlaster)

02/13/15 Wifey Blog

Funny that Coltauto would be thinking a corset today- actually I got his email right as we were finishing up our update. It's been awhile since we've done a corset so the time was right! By the way, Hub and I went and saw the 50 Shades movie tonight- Meh.. (will make for an interesting parody scene though!)  Become a member and read the rest.

Kates Kleanup

02/08/15 Wifey Gallery

Hi Guys! Whoa- that Kate is a slut! Licking up my husband's hot sperm from a table, then massaging the rest onto her huge tits for him to admire? Who does she think she is- me??!!  Become a member and read the rest.

Kate Behind the Scenes..

02/08/15 Wifey Blog

And you guys all thought I did nothing but have sex, suck cock and eat bon-bons all day. This should prove to you once and for all that  I'm good for more than just cumming on! (though lets face it- that what I like best!  ;)  ~Wifey

Kate's Kleanup

02/07/15 Wifey Blog

Hi Guys! This week Kate happened to stop over at Hubby's office to drop off a file for him cuz I was busy at home. From looking at these pics it looks like she made herself comfortable in my closet!! Kate called me later and admitted that Hubby fucked her in the bedroom and shot a "ridiculous load" (her words) all over the glass table which she licked partially off and massaged the rest all over her massive boobs.. Up tomorrow!  ~Wifey

From My Hamper :)

01/30/15 Wifey Blog

I've been getting email from guys wanting me to add new things to the Store, sooo....  Become a member and read the rest.

Mimis Cocktail

01/29/15 Wifey Gallery

Wow, that Mimi is really a slut isn't she? Just waltzes right in to my house in that tight little dress with those huge tits hanging out in front of my husband. Who does she think she is? I can't believe she'd have the gall to milk my man's cock into one of MY FAVORITE VALENTINE GLASSES!!  Didn't this woman's mother teach her any manners? Does this bitch even chew with her mouth closed?! Sheesh.. Hubby looked like he enjoyed it though.. ;)  Become a member and read the rest.

Sneak Peek- Mimi's COCKtail

01/28/15 Wifey Blog

Hi Guys! I guess Hubby didn't realize that I had called Mimi to come over and straighten up the place so he just happened to be there when she stopped by. Hub told me something about her wearing her "old uniform" whatever that means? He said she was only there for a little while and left. Seemed kinda weird because there was a wine glass in the sink that looked like someone had been drinking something white and sticky out of it. Maybe it was just the dish soap, who knows?..  ;)  Become a member and read the rest.

Desert Knobjob

01/20/15 Wifey Gallery

Hi Guys! Nothing says "hot sperm in my mouth" more than a sunny day in January! (did I just type that?)  Become a member and read the rest.

Sneak Peek- Desert Knobjob

01/19/15 Wifey Blog

Wow, 75 degrees here in the desert- time to get out and have a little fun! No better place to have an orgasm than the great outdoors huh? Suprisingly nobody hopped out from behind a cactus when Hub's wanger swung loose into the breeze. He was able to kick back and enjoy my oral talents until his summer saugage exploded! Up tomorrow!  ~Wifey  Become a member and read the rest.

Kate's Big Swallow

01/10/15 Wifey Gallery

Another year, another situation when my horned up buxom neighbor Kate decides she is going to come over and act like a slut around my poor defenseless husband. She showed up wearing a teeny little tight dress with her luscious 34DDD boobies on display and it wasn't long before she had her legs up in the air with my husband's tongue buried in her unfaithful nether regions.  Become a member and read the rest.

Sneak Peek- Kate's Big Swallow

01/07/15 Wifey Blog

It's only the first week of 2015 and who should show up wearing nothing but a slinky dress and 34DDD boobs? You guessed it- Kate the Neighbor Lady! She popped over to let us know we needed to take our Christmas lights down but naturally she waited until she saw me leave the driveway! That little slut then seduced my (normally) faithful husband and ended up fucking and swallowing what I can only describe as a gigantic wad she coaxed into her cheating little warm mouth! Ohhh, the humanity! Up soon..  ;)  ~Wifey  Become a member and read the rest.

Rose Bowl Payoff

01/03/15 Wifey Gallery

Hi Guys! Hope you all had a terrific holiday. I know we did- though we've both had to fight through a bit of the flu the last few weeks. First Hub got nailed with it, then I picked something up. Luckily we're both in the clear again!  Become a member and read the rest.

Sneak Peek- Rose Bowl Payoff

01/02/15 Wifey Blog

Happy New Years all! This week I have to payout for a bet I made with Hubby on the Oregon Florida State game  :(    Become a member and read the rest.

XXXmas Nog Swallow

12/20/14 Wifey Gallery

Well, Christmas is almost here and there is nothing that brings in the holiday spirit more than feeling a hard cock jerking and spurting hot semen into my soft, warm mouth..  (at least that what Hubby keeps telling me.. :)  Become a member and read the rest.

Sneak Peek- XXXmas Nog Swallow

12/17/14 Wifey Blog

Hey All! Hubby has finally risen from the near grave and with a boner to boot! Good thing cuz I've been missing that yule log and couldn't wait to get my lips clamped over his rock hard candycane in time to swallow every ounce of his Christmas cheer!  Become a member and read the rest.

Dinner peek!

12/11/14 Wifey Blog

Hub and I went to this little place down in Old Town for dinner on Saturday and he asked to get a pic of me with his cell. Of course I obliged.. Naturally though the "animal" in him wanted me to flash more cleavage..  ;)  Become a member and read the rest.

Condo Bang!

12/06/14 Wifey Gallery

Hi Guys! Sometimes a fuck is just a fuck, you know? Sometimes I feel like doing some roleplaying and acting out some fantasies, but sometimes I just want my husband to fuck me. I love feeling him lifting me around, seeing how strong he is. Whatching the veins popping out of his arms and knowing he's soon going to be up on top of me, using me for his pleasure.  I guess I'm actually a Sub, because I love pleasuring him with my mouth until he gets so worked up he has to fuck. I get more turned on pleasuring him than anything else.  Become a member and read the rest.

Sneak Peek- Condo Bang (NOW POSTED!)

12/05/14 Wifey Blog

This was one of those weeks where we got so worked up taking the images that we just said "screw it"- set up the cameras and started fucking! I hadn't had an orgasm in several days so I was soaked and ready for action!  Become a member and read the rest.

XXXmas Shopping!

12/03/14 Wifey Blog

Hi Guys! I've been getting a lot of email from guys wanting to buy some of my "delicates".. Finally had time to post a few items, more coming tomorrow! If you're interested CLICK HERE!  Become a member and read the rest.

New Bath Hardware..

12/02/14 Wifey Blog

I came home and Hubby had installed some new towel hooks in my bathroom. Not bad huh?..  Become a member and read the rest.

Black Friday

11/27/14 Wifey Gallery

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Wow, I wsn't expecting this for black Friday, but I'll take it!  :) Seems Hubby was in a giving mood, bringing his two friends over from the gym. Too bad they were so shy!!.. Wow, and that one guy had the load from hell.. Good thing I hadn't eaten too much Turkey..