Wifeysworld was started in August of 1998. We started off by playing around and posting pictures of the little lady back in the Usenet days of the Internet. We were surprised at the response we got and after several months of constant requests we decided to start selling our videos through mail order. We had no idea how popular she would become and after approx 8 or 9 months of handling everything through the mail we decided to build a website that would allow our customers a more convenient way to order our tapes. The website was originally setup as a store and the Member's area was an afterthought.

We were stunned by the response the website garnered. The first month we were up Playboy, Wired Magazine, the Houston Chronicle and several other periodicals did write-ups on the couple from the Northwest that had decided to open their sex life to "the masses". The positive spin helped drive traffic to the site which has enabled us to continue doing what we love doing- having sex and showing it off!