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Digital Download- Realtor Suck Off!

In this HiRes video I play a Realtor that has to go to EXTREME lengths in order to get a new listing! Needless to say, I had to "swallow my pride" to get it done!



Running time: 8 min 55 sec / HiRes video download

I knew when I was going to meet this guy that I had better dress the part. A couple of my colleagues had warned me that he was a womanizer and that I might have to "put out" to get the job! I wore a cute little short red skirt, and matching red bra and panties.

When I walked through the door he couldn't keep his eyes off my huge tits! I knew then that I had a chance. He also kept staring at my lips so I had a hunch that he might be ripe for one of my slow, tender blowjobs. After some initial small talk we finally just got down to business and he told me in order to get the listing that I'd have to suck his cock.

I agreed, so showed him my tits and let him touch them to get him started. I dropped down and blew him right there in his living room!

His cum shot from his cock up over my forehead and into my blonde hair. I continued stroking it and his sperm shot into my mouth, spurt after thick spurt. After his orgasm was over I opened my mouth and showed him what I had earned, then swallowed it all down.